2.3 MONTHS Per Year WASTED in Meetings Because of Technical Problems!

Doug Fearing Audio, General, Security, Video

Did you know that 30-80% of a professional’s time is spent in meetings, for executives adding up to as much as 23 hours a week? While that statistic mightIP_Icon-580x659 surprise you, what’s even more shocking is that 8 of those hours are often wasted! This can result in as much as 2.3 months a year squandered. What’s the cause for all of this lost time?

Issues with meeting room technology are the primary culprit of this lack of productivity and time in the conference room.  IT professionals on average fix 447 issues yearly, breaking down to 23 minutes a day and 10% of meeting attendee’s time.  Not only is this 23 minutes spent bug fixing a waste of valuable employee time but think of the financial cost from this loss of productively.  An average employee can waste 2.83 working days per year due to meeting room problems, averaging at $1,600 per employee. For a midsize company that could mean $1.6 million wasted and for a Fortune 500 company it could result in nearly $16 million due to just 10% of a meeting halted for technical problems. So what is wrong with these systems, why the wasted resources? The answer to this is that often meeting room systems are too complex, unreliable, and just too hard to configure. I think most of us have been there, am I right?

Now imagine the ability to dim the lights, lower the drapes, adjust the temperature and power the presentation-all from one source; and reliably!  Control systems, also known as automation systems, have evolved over the years from being a simple touch panel system to becoming the ultimate source for centrally and globally controlling, managing and presenting information. Now from one spot in the conference room, or from a command center, you can control all of the technology and systems from multiple locations with one easy-to-use touchpanel, wireless keypad, or even your iPod or iPad.

According to a recent Infocomm survey, the number one item companies and institutions want and wish for is presentation simplicity through a more automated system.  Automation systems are in high demand right now, and with everything so accessible why wouldn’t they be?  There are more advantages to having automation systems integrated into your meeting room or office in addition to their ease and appeal. The real benefit is that they can save you time and money in countless ways, and the statistics demonstrate there is a real return on investment (ROI).

tps-6xEnter Crestron, a solution installed by Fearing’s Audio Video Security. Crestron Control Systems has found a way to bring IT and AV together to create a system with less technical issues, easy configuration, and dependable software that helps you save your valuable time and money.  The ability to control everything in the room from the temperature to the presentation on the screen with one easy to use user interface has cemented Creston’s ability to outshine other automation manufacturers.  At this past June’s Infocomm, the AV industry’s largest international tradeshow, Crestron walked away with eight industry awards and according to rAVe Reader’s Choice Award the company was named Favorite Control System Manufacturer. Among the awards received were Most Innovative Video Signal Management Product, Most Innovative AV Control Hardware for Commercial Installation, Best Video Distribution Systems, and Best Motorized Window Treatments.

With affordable, long lasting automation systems that are the best in their class, Crestron has created a product that is not only desirable and functional, but time management efficient and cost effective. Think of all the ways YOUR company could use the money YOU save.  Let Fearing’s Audio Video Security show you the benefits. Contact us today!