Always Watching, Even When You’re Not

Doug Fearing Security

The power of seeing…without watching. You’re away from the office when you get a real-time alert about an unauthorized vehicle entering the perimeter of the building, yet no one is monitoring the surveillance cameras. How are you receiving this alert? ARTECO intelligent video management is the answer.

ARTECO video management software alerts personnel as the situation is occurring-even when no one is watching the monitors. This gives the staff the chance to be proactive and take measures to ensure their safety. The software uses virtual perimeters, facial recognition and more to monitor and identify possible security issues. The surveillance detection zone can be established when someone is within a 20 feet perimeter. It can also alert to unauthorized vehicles, while using alarms to deter criminal activity. The security alert protocol can be set up through customized analytics they can set to activate during off-peak hours to provide a constant sense of security, even when personnel aren’t in the office.

Security Guard Sleeping in Front of Vault

An additional advantage relates to the reduction of false alarms. Mother Nature is the number one cause of false alarms because most video software use “motion detection,” therefore high winds or hail could set this type of software off. ARTECO does not use motion detection; and its software has a way to filter the triggers of most false alarms in even the most sophisticated motion detection surveillance system.

With built in plate recognition, situational awareness and the ability to conserve bandwidth, ARTECO combines multiple systems and designs that are customizable through 18 different applications that can be utilized. The ability to detect the speed of an object, identify something abandoned, create a virtual fence, and recognize loitering are just a taste of what the software is capable of. The ease and accuracy of the ARTECO customizable video management software contributes to its top rating among the video management software industry.

Stop reacting-instead think about preventing a potentially dangerous situation for your most precious assets-your employees.