The Key to Safety, Allowing Access

Doug Fearing Security

We all hear the news, read the paper, see the live filming as real life horror and aftermath stories unfold of violence at work, school, government and public buildings. Recent public tragedies have pointed a sharp lens of focus on security and the lengths many are going to ensure the events they are seeing played out in the media never hit home.  Access Control security systems have become a primary source of key entry for many businesses, government buildings, and even educational facilities. However, many still haven’t recognized the growing importance and advantages of this technology, or the depths taken to aid in the safety of private and public enterprises.

To keep the explanation simple, Access Control monitors and authorizes control to access certain resources and areas inside of a physical facility or a computer’s informational infrastructure. Unlike traditional key and entry systems, Access Control tracks the use of entrances, allowing for only authorized persons inside and provides a management platform to monitor the access of a company’s network. These systems continue to evolve with our security needs as evident with the new ENTERTECH SYSTEM’S BioConnect Application. ENTERTECH has created an application for Access Control that includes Smartphone finger touch identification. What exactly does this mean? They have developed a product that can be integrated into Access Control systems using biometric readers to manage real verification of identity through several different ways, including the Smartphone finger touch. With our Smartphone’s now integrating finger touch panels, ENTERTECH has decided to use this as an advantage in their BioConnect Application for Access Control.  Now users will be allowed to perform biometric verification before accessing an entrance from their personal mobile devices without the use of a card or key.

Tragedy can strike at any given moment, however, security and surveillance systems are continually advancing to help minimize these dangers not only in the home, but in our Educational, Government, and Healthcare sectors. Now it’s time for leaders in these fields to recognize the impact and integral part Access Control security systems have in providing the safety they seek for all employees and visitors.  Old key and monitoring techniques haven’t worked for us in the past, so as technology progresses and improve the security measures in a building need to as well. If interested in learning more about what Access Control can do for you and your business, contact Fearing’s to speak with a Business Development Executive today. You can also learn more about Access Control and Keyless Entry and the difference between them here.