Background Music

Music Systems for Business

Fearing’s Audio-Video-Security specializes in music systems for business. We not only provide background music but can design and install a high-performance sound system that meets your requirements and budget. We handle quality brands like JBL, dbx, Tannoy, TOA, Atlas Sound, QSC, Quam, Biamp, and many more.

Business Music can help you reach your business objectives! Create a distinct and special environment, maximize productivity, or increase sales.


Increase Your Sales

Background Music Influences Super Market Sales.

  • Slow tempo music can increase sales by as much as 38%
  • Slow tempo music slows pace of in store traffic and increases time in the store by up to 17%

Consumers Say Music Encourages Buying.

  • 63% surveyed said they bought or probably bought more from stores that had background music.
  • 77% of shoppers prefer a shopping environment with music.

The Right Music At The Right Time Means More Sales.

  • Fast tempo music at lunch increased total sales by over 11%.
  • Slow tempo music keeps dinner patrons longer, yielding over 15% more sales.

Music Can Significantly Increase Bar Sales.

  • Slow tempo music increased per dinner party bar sales by over 40%.
  • Diners lingered 24% longer when slow tempo music was played.

Why Music Choice?

With Music Choice® you receive the best digital programming available with 40 million residential and over 80 thousand commercial subscribers.

52 channels of music genres available with programmers hired who are specialists in the genres they program.
Music Choice® playlist – click here

Music Choice is now available without a satellite dish via a new broadband music player.

  • Select your genres online.  Music downloads over a low bandwidth connection at night and is stored on a broadband music player which stores over 100 hours of music.  No more satellite interruptions!
  • High performance sound quality beats the competition with bit rates comparable to a CD.
  • Select multiple genres and program them to play at different times of the day all online.
  • Receive two zones of music from a single broadband receiver at one low monthly fee.

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Fearing’s was excellent to work with and very creative! They provided great ideas and really managed to work with our needs and deliver customized solutions in a smart way. They just made it easy for us to get it done and manage it after.

Shaun, Manager, The Safe House


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