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Securing Wisconsin: solutions that will secure and protect that which is most valuable to you

Security Solutions Uniquely Designed for You:

With all you are responsible for, the safety of your employee’s trumps everything. They are not just important to keep your organization running strong - they have loved ones who count on you to ensure they come home at night.

Where does Fearing’s fit into this? We take care of everything you need to keep them safe.

We customize your security solutions by designing and implementing the system that works for your organization. This might mean a facility-access control, alarm systems, or video surveillance network or a combination of proactive and reactive solutions. They are sophisticated yet simple and simply among the best in the business.

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You want to be able to manage who has access to your business.

From access card, fingerprint, or retina readers, preventing and controlling who can enter is key to protecting what is most valuable to you. Learn more

If you are considering a surveillance system, you want to do it right.  Knowing something AFTER the fact is not very helpful.

The right system not only provides high definition video that can be accessed live from a mobile device, but it can also be set up to alert you to activity with the goal of prevention. Learn more

Theft and vandalism can be a breeze for a criminal when there is no warning system in place.

We know you can’t always be guarding the gates of your business but leaving a window of opportunity open for an intruder is a bad idea! Learn more

Emergency repair or scheduled maintenance of your security systems:

When you are busy running your company, the last thing you want to worry about are technical issues. If your security system isn't working as it should, Fearing's Repair Technicians can troubleshoot your issues and, in most cases, fix your security system.

Instead of putting a reminder on your calendar to call us for regular maintenance of your system, you can set this up automatically with us. We do this for both security systems as well as other audio video integrations within your organization. Want to learn more? Contact us for a free consultation.

Reduce Response Time for First Responders

Not all of our security systems are about protecting facilities. In fact, Fearings is Wisconsin’s exclusive dealer for the patent-pending BluePoint Alert Solutions, which are designed to reduce response time for first responders. We also offer mobile panic alarms that are widely used by individuals throughout the healthcare, education, and hospitality sectors.

Coupled with the knowledge and trust of our highly trained staff, Fearing’s security systems can provide you with the most comprehensive SECURITY solutions to fit your needs, reduce your total cost of ownership, and maximize your return on investment.

The Best Brands

We work with dozens of trusted manufacturers to provide the best products to ensure your business is covered – from head to toe.

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