Workplace Technology

Workplace Technology

Let us help you address your concerns for the health and well-being of your customers and employees.

Be prepared for today, tomorrow, and well into the future with technology from Fearing's Audio Video Security.

ZKTeco SpeedFace+ Facial Recognition,  Temperature Screening, + Access Control

Protect your employees and customers with a facial recognition and body temperature scanner. Simply install a ZKTeco SpeedFace+ as a standalone warning device or expand to an existing or new access-controlled door or a ZKTeco turnstile so you have a complete entrance management system. Require masks? No problem. ZKTeco can screen for masks and allow access based on your requirements. ZKTeco can also interface with Time & Attendance systems to red flag employees who are out of temperature range and not allow them to clock in.
Who should buy? Anyone who needs to screen body temperatures of employees or visitors before allowing them access to their business.


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Automated Occupancy Monitoring System for Businesses

Easily comply with new COVID19 occupancy restrictions with a 3D people counter system. Accurately display the number of people entering and exiting your business through one or multiple doors, alerting customers and staff if they can enter or should wait for people to leave.
Who should buy? Anyone looking to control the flow of traffic coming into their business without having to dedicate an employee to watch the door.

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ICI Thermal Temperature Cameras

Trusted by top businesses like Amazon and Ford Motor Company for temperature monitoring, ICI has been a leader in Infrared technology and innovation since 1995. These cameras are useful as a quick and non-invasive way of body temperature scanning groups of people.
Who Should Buy? Anyone who needs to quickly scan the body temperature of groups of people entering their building. 

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Aurora TAURI Temperature-Check Tablet

See body temperature readings in less than one second from a safe distance, reducing the likelihood of spreading disease to your employees and customers.
Who should buy? Anyone who wants to quickly scan the body temperature of people entering their building.

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NoviTizer Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Digital Display

Hand hygiene is an important factor in helping to stop the spread of disease. Let your customers know about new safety policies or add any marketing message using this automatic hand sanitizer kiosk with programmable digital display.
Who should buy? Anyone who wants customers to sanitize their hands upon entering and has information to share, like safety precautions, limited menu items, daily specials, etc.

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MPS Privacy Partitions

Easily add separation and privacy when and where you need it with a full line of affordable, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing partition solutions so you can stop worrying about social distancing with your current workspace configuration.
Who should buy? Anyone looking to easily add physical and acoustic separation to their current workspace configuration.

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T1V ThinkHub

Remote work and education are on the rise. It is important to have a reliable collaboration solution now more than ever before. T1V has the answers for collaboration and active learning spaces. Let us show you how.
Who Should Buy? Anyone with a team or classroom that needs to keep everyone up-to-date and engaged no matter where they are working as long as they have an internet connection. 

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Cyber Security

We live in a digital world and cyber threats are among us, in fact, daily cyber attacks have increased 600% since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Check Point Software boasts an industry-leading catch rate for malware, ransomware, and other targeted attacks, making them a leading provider of cyber security solutions that protect customers from 5th generation cyber attacks. 
Who Should Buy? Anyone concerned that their current network may not be safe enough. 

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Home Network

Are you or your employees currently working from home? Chances are the network was installed for typical home use, not a full day of video conference calls and file transfers. You may have found that your home network is lacking in the speed department. Don't worry, we can help!
Who Should Buy? Anyone having an issue with their current network connection speeds. 

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