Congratulations and thank you for selecting Fearing’s Audio Video Security to secure your family and your home. You should have already completed a step or two below but we're giving you everything you need to easily install your new wireless security system. Don't worry, you're not in this alone, we'll Do It Together! 

  • No hard-writing needed.
  • Simple step-by-step instructions.
  • No hardware or installation fees. 

Together we can protect what is more important, your family and your home.

Step 1 - Pre-Programming:


Fearing's technician will custom configure your security system so when you receive the components they are ready to "plug and play." 

Step 2 - Unboxing:


Your security system will be delivered to your door, once you receive it, you'll want to remove all the components from the box and familiarize yourself with the product. 

Step 3 - Setup:


Setting up your door contacts, motion sensor, and siren ahead of time will make installation a breeze. Locate the batteries and double-sided tape so that you can assemble each component before you go to install it. 

Step 4 - Installation:


Now that your door contacts, motion sensor, and siren have been prepared, you'll want to take one at a time so that you don't accidentally install a door contact in the wrong entry point. Inspect your door to ensure you have enough room for the door contact on the latch side, if not, you may need to install the door contact transmitter above the door. Once the transmitter is installed, you'll want to line up the magnet so that it's in-line with the transmitter on the door itself, no more than 1/2" away, while still leaving room to close the door without them touching. As a last resort, the transmitter may be installed on the door itself. 

The motion sensor will need to be installed 7 to 8' above the floor, in a location that does not face a heat vent or receive direct sunlight. The sensor can be installed on a flat surface or in the corner of a room.

The Siren may be placed anywhere you're going to hear it if the alarm is triggered. A common location is on top of the kitchen cabinets. The siren may be installed on a wall with double-sided tape as well.

Step 5 - System Connection:


Now that all of your sensors have been installed it's time to plug-in your touch pad to ensure everything is communicating properly. The touch pad comes with a wall outlet plug and two brackets that install on the back of the unit so you can place it on a counter or tabletop. Once the system boots up, if everything is connecting properly, you'll see three bars indicating Wi-Fi connection and a green check mark at the top. This means the system is fully connected and ready for use.

If you do not see the Wi-Fi connection symbol you may need to contact Fearing's Technical Support to ensure your network name and password are correct. 

If you do not see a green check mark, one or more of the system components are not installed correctly. Double check the battery orientation and gap between door contacts. 

Step 6 - Mobile App:


An optional step, installing the mobile application so you're able to control the system remotely. Search for Virtual Keypad in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Login with the credentials you received in an email from Fearing's. It is highly recommended that you change your password and pin number once you have gained access to the system. 

Step 6 - System Test:


Now that your system has been installed and everything appears to be connecting, work with a Fearing's Technician to test your system. In this step, we are ensuring that everything is working and reporting properly. Arm your system and set off each alarm; door contact(s) and motion sensor. The siren is loud, so be prepared. 

Contact Fearing's to schedule a time to test your system with a Technician. 
Call 800-252-2253

Step 7 - Window Sticker:


Now that everything is working, you'll want to install the window sticker(s) so that everyone know's your home is protected by Fearing's!  

Step 8 - Rest Easy:


Rest assured that your family and home are secured with an easy to install and operate wireless security system.  

Questions or Comments?

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