Featured Project: Vogel Brothers Construction

The Project 

Vogel Brothers Building Company a longtime Madison and Southern Wisconsin design-build and general construction firm enlisted the expertise of Fearing’s Audio Video Security to create a digital statement for the entrance to their corporate headquarters. Image and first impressions were of paramount importance for the Vogel experience. The entrance video wall needed to be created and set up for ease of operation plus reliability in the constantly changing building entrance environment.

Following an extensive review of the physical properties and consultation with management the Fearing’s Design team went to work creating a plan within budget for Vogel’s new entrance video wall. Considerations of changing light, size and integration with existing building infrastructure all entered the design process.


The Solution

Using a state of the art, Brightsign 4K Digital signage networked system, gave the video wall a vibrant pop and the instant image desired for an entranceway to a prominent building contractor’s business. The video wall ended up being seven foot wide by four foot tall using four displays in a 2x2 configuration. The video wall was built into the wall for a very professional finished look. The video content is setup to be easily customizable by staff in a matter of minutes.

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The Benefits

Visitors and clients entering the Vogel Brothers building get that “First Impression” of a modern, forward looking and professional organization even before speaking to staff. Leaving the building persons take away that last impression of a partner that cares for their business, community and values it’s staff. Seeing is believing!

Increased Productivity in a Quiet Environment

The Fearing’s Team assisted Vogel Brothers Building Company implementing a Sound Masking System for their corporate office open floor plan space. The large room had high ceilings, many windows and a generally noisy and distracting environment. This space contained numerous private offices, conference rooms and huddle spaces in which sensitive information was being discussed. Worker productivity and workspace comfort and privacy was extremely important in this open office cubical layout.

Using a Cambridge direct emitting sound masking system, the Fearing’s Design Team crafted a layout customized to the space, sized for maximum effectiveness in that large open office space. The Sound Masking system was tuned for even coverage and managed by a web GUI for adjustments and scheduling purposes for the changing employee needs.

Today Vogel staff enjoys the productivity, privacy and relief from distraction having the Cambridge Sound Masking system installed and operational. Of course, management and clients reap the benefits of a team operating in this behind the scenes sound system making a positive difference.