How Safe Are You at Work?

Doug Fearing Security

You’re sitting at your desk when you hear the click of the door opening. Do you bother to glance up to check out who’s walking in or do you choose to ignore it? Do you feel secure in your work environment and the system your employer has in place? Many employees and employers are often of the mindset that the likes of unwanted intruders or other security risks will never happen to them. However; as both recent and past events have shown, places you’ve once imagined as safe havens are failing in terms of preventative protection measures

The world of technology is drastically changing the way we keep our homes and businesses secure and many are recognizing the need for advanced solutions. Companies, in order to allow their employees to build up that pretense of safety, need to install the right system to have it become a realization. That person you’re choosing to ignore walking in the front door, he could be an unwanted intruder-or worse.  How many women leave their purse unattended at their desk?  In a company with no security in place, a dishonest employee could quite possibly get away with stealing any of the purse’s content.

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With the advancements in access control and surveillance security, crimes are diminishing and the systems are creating the foundation for safer workplaces in companies of all sizes.  The technology can even help impact a community, as was evident with the recent Boston Marathon bombing. The two suspects were able to be identified and their actions unraveled thanks in part to surveillance cameras installed at several businesses in the vicinity.

If you haven’t before, now is the time to start voicing concerns and ideas about your safety with fellow employees, while business owners should be thinking about integrating security systems or updating current ones. We have all heard stories, seen the news, or have even experienced crimes in the workplace. A large portion of our time and lives are spent at the office. Be prepared for the unexpected, starting with a safe and secure working environment.