Movies, Popcorn and . . . Beer?

Doug Fearing Audio, Video

marcus3Ever arrive at the movies so early that you’re left to sit there waiting for friends to show up or the theater to be cleaned from the previous showing? When this happens you find yourself walking aimlessly through the building looking at movie posters, munching away on popcorn, sipping your soda, and periodically checking the time. We’ve all been there at one point or another and theaters are taking notice and action. Marcus Point Cinema on Madison’s west side has found a way to combat your boring wait with some exciting new ways to pass the time.

One way is through their family viewing area where you can watch upcoming movie clips and trailers. The other key offering is their “Take 5” lounge that includes a full cocktail bar featuring a long list of beer choices, red or white wines, and a number of signature drinks. Take 5 also provides a menu that offers appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pizza and even dessert to enjoy while watching any one of the four screens installed in the lounge. That’s right, no longer marcus1are you subjected to the simple options of soda, your typical popcorn alternatives of nachos and pretzels, or staring at the unmoving posters hoping they’d leap to life and save your sanity.

Fearing’s Audio Video and Security teamed up with Marcus Point Cinema to help install a number of features into the comfortable and relaxing lounge and throughout the rest of the building. This includes a 55 inch screen against one wall and three smaller screens above the back of the bar in Take 5, brand new digital menu boards at the concession stands, movie time displays at the box office, trailer vision screens, new digital displays for a film name/show times outside of each theater, and a screen in the family viewing area separate from the lounge.

The next time you think about going to the movies, make sure to stop out at Point Cinema to enjoy some adult beverages before or even after the film and take a peek at our team’s amazing technical handiwork! Marcus Point Cinema even allows for you to take your alcoholic drink and food in the theater, so why not? Popcorn, beer and a large screen sounds like a definite recipe for success!

For more images of the theater check out our Facebook Album Marcus Point Cinema!