Significant Cost Savings – The Magic of Digital

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Harry PotterHave you ever read a Harry Potter book or watch the movies, intrigued by the moving portraits? I know I had always been interested in this detail throughout the series and always thought of how cool it’d be if images could do similar things in the real world. Now imagine going to the theaters or walking through the mall and instead of the still life poster you’d normally see, the images are gliding and moving across a screen, interactive and more informative.  No it’s not magic; it’s science and the wonder of technology. It’s digital signage.

Digital signage has been booming and companies are scrambling to grab a piece of the new technology for their businesses and race ahead of their competitors. But why, what makes digital signage so amazing and integration worthy? The answer is simple, digital signage is the most cost-effective and efficient way to communicate and reach a broader audience.

Among the many benefits digital signage offers, includes the fact it can all be done right from your office, allowing for faster communication. No longer do you have to wait for your print ad or broadcasted media. Business owners are discovering the return on investment significantly higher when it comes to comparing the cost of digital signage versus print, as well as the flexibility of the advertisement compared to more traditional techniques. Have a mistake on your printed ad? Need a date or name change? How about a special of the day or important news needed broadcasted to the company and clients? No worries, just log into your signage network and make any changes needed.

Space ScienceRestaurants have discovered the ease and usefulness of digital menus, hospitals are investing in digital wayfinding stations, while banks, retail stores, and theaters are using digital signage as a way to showcase moving ads or trailers to keep customers and visitors engaged and enticed.

Scientists in London recently conducted a study on the brain’s reactions to advertisements and the impact on digital versus traditional advertisement. It should come as no surprise that digital signage products had a higher impact and internal reaction on all of the subjects studied. Digital ads triggered a higher emotional response and were more thoroughly encoded in the viewer’s memory. So while our images aren’t quite as magical as they are in the Potter world, science and technology have gotten pretty darn close without the use of wands. Digital signage is only going to become more of a staple in our society; do yourself a favor and quite waiting for tomorrow, inquire about the many benefits and advantages today.

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