How Smart is Your Home?

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Can your phone control your lights, door locks, HVAC, window shades, etc.?

If you are the type of person who wants the experience of an automated home environment while saving time and money, you may have already considered adding a smart home system to your house.  A properly designed smart home system can save you a substantial amount on your energy bills, and add ease to your day by adjusting your surroundings to exactly what your family needs at different times of the day.

Image of smart home options like those provided by Fearing's Audio Video Security in Madison WI

Where to begin?

With different options from technology to accessories, from equipment to installation, it’s easy to get lost, and people can often feel overwhelmed by too many decisions and unknowns.

You can purchase a system and try to install it yourself, but do you really have the time and know-how?  You can purchase a system at a big box retailer and have them come and install, but that is not a guarantee on quality or satisfaction.

When you make a smart decision to add “smart” to your home, you should have trustworthy installation and follow up that you can count on. Fearing’s Audio Video Security is proud to have 95% of Fearing’s clients rate the experience of working with us at an eight or higher out of 10 because we provide personalized AV and security solutions and serve you better. Imagine having the same company that provides exceptional service to clients like the Milwaukee Bucks and Kalahari Resorts bringing that work ethic to your home. Your satisfaction is key, and that’s what drives us.

Fearing’s Smart Home Solutions

So, let’s drive together! Here’s how having Fearing’s upgrade your home to a smart home will work:

First, send us an email, start a chat, or give us a call. You can choose to tell us your needs over the phone, or have us come out for an onsite consultation. Together we will look over what you want, discover what you may need and bring our expertise to the table to design a custom solution for you.

Then, as we learn your needs, we understand the type of system you need designed for you. For example, you may decide that you want to integrate your existing home security into the smart home option, or that you want to add home security to begin with.

After you’ve made your choices, we design your system for you. You can approve, or have us make changes. Even after the process begins, we will be agile in how we work with you.

Photo of an example home theater solution like those provided by Fearing's Audio Video Security in Madison WI

Fearing’s uses top of the line technology. Most of what you want for your home can be achieved with our specialized Savant control system. There are many gadgets out there that are smart but each one has to have it’s own app that needs to be downloaded, and when it comes time to manage all of them you’d have to open each one up separately. With Savant we provide a one-app solution. You can use it to manage all of your smart needs such as Nest, Ring, Advantage Lighting, HVAC, security cameras, whole house audio and more.

Fearing’s experience with both new construction and remodelling, as well as a deep knowledge of technology integration, helps us design not only the system that works for you now, but one that will integrate with future modifications or technology upgrades.

If your project is for a new home build, we work with your contractor to integrate your technology system the best way possible. In existing homes we are careful in working with older systems and may foresee needed updates that you on your own would otherwise not discover until it’s too late and you’ve spent too much time wondering why things don’t integrate properly.

Next, we will install your brand new smart home system. You will always have a project manager and a direct line to call as you need. For more complex installs, the project manager may stay on site as your tech team is working, or the tech or tech team will work while you have the manager’s direct line, should you have any questions that arise. It’s your budget, it’s your time, and it’s your customized service.

Finally, one of our highest values as a company is integrity and we commit to going above and beyond to earn your satisfaction with how your project is handled from beginning to end, even after the install. The last step in the smart home journey is support. Unlike big box installers, you will know the name and direct phone number of your Fearing’s project manager if you ever have a problem. We are there to provide service and support long after the project is complete.

So, if doing things the smart way is your way, then let us help you install your smart home system, or take care of any other audio-visual or security needs you may have for your home.Photo of the Fearing's Audio Video Security team in Madison Wisconsin